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            1. Welcome to visit China Tai 'an Shan Hu instrument technology Co., LTD.


              +86 18653865580 |

              ABOUT US

              Tai'an Shan Hu Instrument Technology Co., LTD.

              Shandong Tai 'an Shanhu instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales of intelligent measuring instrument products enterprises. The company is located in The Huancheng Science and technology Industrial Park, Ningyang County, Tai 'an city, Shandong Province, with a construction area of 3,000 square meters. The company has a united and enterprising, vigorous technology research and development team, with modern management awareness of the management team and forge ahead, business superb marketing team.

              Corporate Vision

              To make water more convenient for hundreds of millions of urban and rural residents

              Corporate Mission

              Let employees live a better life, for urban and rural residents drinking water safety struggle

              Corporate Values

              Customer first, innovative and pragmatic; Teamwork, the pursuit of quality

              SHANHU WATER METER


              Intelligent Water Meter Electronic Remote Water Meter Heat Meter IC card Water Meter Prepaid Water Meter Service Terminal

              SHANHU WATER METER

              MAIN USAGE

              SHANHU WATER METER


              SHANHU WATER METER



              +86 18653865580


              Huancheng Science and Technology Industrial Park, Ningyang
              County, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province, China

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